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[tycho-user] Re : Features versions in .product file cause problem in product generation

The problem disappeared when I didn't specify the version in product file but 
instead added a categroy.xml file and specified the version there.

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Objet : [tycho-user] Features versions in .product file cause problem in product 


When trying to specify the version of features that should be included in the 
product, the materialization of the later fails telling that feature [1.0.0] can 

not be found. 

Actually, I don't want to mention the whole version but only the significant par 

(example: 1.0.0 without the qualifier part) in order to get the latest snapshot 
version from maven repo. What is weired is that the p2 repository is generated 
correctly (during the publisher plugin) but not the product. 

Trying to fix that with a p2.inf didn't work: 
requires.1.namespace = org.eclipse.equinox.p2.iu 

Maybe version resolution logic in publisher plugin should be implemented in the 
materialization plugin too. Shouldn't it?

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