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[tycho-user] eclipse-update-site packaging questions

Hello all,

First of all thanks to all those involved in creating and maintaining tycho.  I have never used maven before a couple of days ago and I have already gotten my PDE-build/Athena based build completely converted over and couldn't be happier.  However, I do have a few questions related to eclipse-update-site packaging type.

First thing I ran into is the need to have additional update-sites automatically available for users when they install my plugins, i.e. I need the referenced repositories in the p2/content.xml file to be added.  In the past I would do this with the associateSitesURL attribute in site.xml.  I tried to set this up in tycho and ran into this issue [1]. I've attached an updated patch to that ticket to get it to work against 0.13.0-SNAPSHOT for anyone who is interested in getting this to work.

I guess one question is what is the plan regarding eclipse-update-site, is it going to be supported in the future or is it officially deprecated?  I gather that eclipse-repository is the way of the future.  If so, is there a way to get the associateSitesURL feature to work with the eclipse-packaging type?

The second question I had was around the target eclipse update site zip file that is created.  I noticed that its created with SNAPSHOT in the file name.  In the actual updatesite content, the individual plugins/features have their jar filenames correctly changed from SNAPSHOT to a qualifier replacement like v201105231200, e.g. com.liferay.ide.eclipse.ui_1.3.0.v201105231620.jar.  However, the update-site zip file created in target is always created with the -SNAPSHOT filename.  Is there a way to get the update-site packager to substitute SNAPSHOT with a qualifier type replacement?

Thanks again to all the tycho users and committers for making this project a reality.  From a long time eclipse developer who has lost too many hours of my life messing with eclipse release engineering, its a breath of fresh.


Greg Amerson
Liferay, Inc.