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[tycho-user] Is it possible to have same IDs for feature and bundle with Tycho?

Hi all,

I met an issue with Tycho and I'd like to know if there is an easy workaround, or if it will imply to change bundle or feature name.
I have a bundle with ID org.eclipse.gmf.tooling, and a feature with ID org.eclipse.gmf.tooling. Conventions make that both bundles are conflicting (same groupID, same artifactID). Then my first thought was to rename either the bundle or the feature to avoid this conflict, but the community of users would complain for that move.
Is it possible to have an artifact with a name different as the one of the specified in feature.xml? Could renaming the folder be a good workaround?


Mickael Istria
R&D Engineer

BonitaSoft - Open your processes
email : mickael.istria@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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