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[tycho-user] Building War within a warproduct file.

Hi evrybody.

I am still customizing my C.I. workflow, and the compilation part function.
Now I am working on building a war within results of compilation phase.

My objectif is still making the continuous integration transparent for eclipse users (developpers). In order to do that, during the war creation phase, I would like to use
the description given by the .warproduct file ! (http://wiki.eclipse.org/RAP/Equinox_WAR_products )
Using it, developpers would use eclipse to manage the project for all the configuration.

I heard that tycho was abble to work with product files , is it possible to use maven/tycho and warproduct file together to build the war ?
Could you give me advices, urls,  about how to do that ?

I am currently thinking of parsing the warproduct file, and use references to create a config.ini file and copy/paste the plugins from both workspace and target-platform.