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Re: [tycho-user] Default Target Platform is empty while launching Eclipse by Maven tests

Le 18/04/2011 13:26, Igor Fedorenko a écrit :
All tycho bug reports and enhancement requests should go to Eclipse
bugzilla [1].
Ok, done@ http://bugs.eclipse.org/343152

As I explained in the other thread, I think it does make sense to make
layout of test eclipse installation configurable via
maven-osgi-test-plugin parameter.
I don't think having it configurable could help. Instead, Tycho should create a target platform (in the same meaning as target platform in Windows>Preferences>PDE>Target Platform) that is made of all the bundles of the running test instance, instead of the empty ${eclipse_home} folder with using maven-osgi-test-plugin.

There are no immediate plans to work
on this feature, but patches are welcome.
This is a blocking point for moving GMF and Bonita Studio and a lot of other projects to Tycho.

If you decide to work on a patch, you may want to way few more days
until we finish "massaging" the code for initial contribution to eclipse
and release org.eclipse.tycho 0.12.0.
Thanks for the note. Then I'll wait for the announce telling the code is moved to Eclipse.org. I'll first try to write a test-case.


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