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Re: [trainers] Direct Registrations Only for the Spring Series?

Yes, direct registration is fine with us.






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Subject: [trainers] Direct Registrations Only for the Spring Series?


Hello Eclipse trainers!
For the past few training series we've been seeing that most companies want to arrange billing directly rather than through RegOnline.  What if for this spring series we keep the central web page http://www.eclipse.org/community/training/classes.php, but for the registration link instead send people directly to your individual web pages?  We would still have the shared course outlines, promotion under the Eclipse Foundation name, etc., but we would not use RegOnline at all.  Advantages are that there would be no set up time on our end and companies could customize the information on their registration pages.

The disadvantage is that registrants would not see a centralized registration system where information was displayed exactly the same across all courses.  Seeing as most people sign up based on what's closest to them, I'm not sure if comparing different classes easily is that important?

Please share your thoughts on this with the trainers mailing list!  And remember to get your agreements in.


Lynn Gayowski
Marketing Events Manager
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.