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[trainers] [Eclipse Training Series] Modeling course outline

Hello fellow trainers,

We have a suggestion about the modeling course outline.
We'd like to add a chapter about the whole EMF ecosystem.
A huge benefit when using EMF is the availability of very different and useful tools as CDO, M2T tools (Acceleo, Xpand), M2M tools, Validation, EMF Compare, XText...
The goal of this new chapter would be to introduce the student with all these tools without diving in too much.
What do you think about this suggestion ?

Another point : we often have clients interested only in a part of the training. For example only the GMF/GEF part because they already know EMF.
Would it be possible to let clients subscribe to only part of the training ?
The choices could be EMF or GEF+GMF or EMF+GEF+GMF.

Kind regards,


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