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Re: [trainers] Training Call Minutes - Jul. 29


Plug-ins are an essential part of RCP. What would be the difference? Plug-ins without SWT, JFace and Workbench? Hard to imagine what the benefits might be ...


2009/7/30 Chris Aniszczyk <zx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
2009/7/30 Lynn Gayowski <lynn.gayowski@xxxxxxxxxxx>

4. Course topics for next series

-There is interest in offering a plugin development course since it ranked first in the survey

-Could try combining with RCP but as Ashvin recommended and other trainers agreed, people like to focus on one topic

-Although content could be similar for an RCP course and Plugin course, they should remain separate classes

What? The RCP course is essentially a plug-in development course. The OSGi course should even go more in depth on how to create "plug-ins".

Can we not confuse people further?

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