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[trainers] Topics for Fall 2009 Training

Our planning call yesterday narrowed the topics we’d like to offer in the next training series to 7: Equinox/OSGi, Modeling, Plugin Development, Introduction to RCP, Advanced RCP, Rich AJAX Platform (RAP) and SCA Tools.  We now need to select 4 topics from this list that we will actually offer.


1)       Please vote for your preferred topics at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=y7svB2Cp9GtsbY8_2bmyPUtQ_3d_3d by July 5

2)       If you want to send comments on any of the topics, please email the trainers mailing list to open a discussion


Please note that once the topics are chosen, we will have one volunteer for each topic come up with a course outline.  These will be circulated and everyone will have a chance to give feedback on specific content that should be included with each course.



Lynn Gayowski

Marketing Events Manager

Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

P (613) 224-9461 ext. 234

F (613) 224-5172