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Re: [tptp-pmc] The future of TPTP

On 21.03.2012 19:55, Wayne Beaton wrote:
It looks like the TPTP Platform project is alive and thriving. However,
Profiling and Testing seem to be stagnant.

TPTP is effectively a PMC with one member containing a single active
project with a single committer. There doesn't seem to be any prospect
of this changing any time soon.

Is it time to consider moving TPTP Platform to Tools and archive the rest?

TPTP Platform is basically useless without any of the consuming projects (Profiling, Testing and the already archived Monitoring), of which testing is the one and only I would like to support and keep around in the future.

Regarding the point of moving projects around in the eclipse project space:

While being a single person top-level project may sound like fun it really is not and has never been intended, as the situation has been inherited as it is. I can understand that this may seem odd to others and is probably not in line of what one would expect from a Eclipse top level project.

Personally I really don't care where in the hierarchy this project ends up, the only thing I care about is the additional effort generated by such a move.

For the near future, the amount of time I am able to invest in this project is limited. From my personal point of view, any effort going into this move will be missing elsewhere without being of any use in regard to the project itself.

While we are at it, same goes for the effort of changing the currently working build environment to support Git which is not the trivial move it may seem.

I can see no benefit for this very project, though I am aware of and appreciate the community related benefits of the Git move and the need for a general policy.

With CVS being retired in favour of Git, it may make sense to combine
these efforts. Thoughts?

There is not noticeable difference between moving one or all projects to Git as TPTP is basically one monolithic block of tightly interacting build scripts.

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The Eclipse Foundation
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