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Re: [tptp-pmc] TPTP on indigo

I'm sure other can give better information than I, after they get back from
holidays and get "caught up" with email, etc., but, yes, the TPTP project
was sort-of, nearly cancelled and archived after Helios (that is, not in
Indigo). See


I say "sort-of, nearly" since it was going to be archived, then there was
some interest from someone (sorry, don't remember who) in keeping part of
it alive, and from there, I do believe it stalled. No progress one way or
the other. I suspect if you were interested enough to "revive" some subset
of the project, that others could tell you the right process to follow (I
suspect it would take just a short proposal spelling what you would
propose, who (how many) would do it, etc. But, that's for others to say.

There is no substitute for it that I am aware of, but easily could be ...
there are so many projects at Eclipse its hard to keep track of them all.

There is RAT, http://www.eclipse.org/projects/project.php?id=tools.rat,
which _might_ be related to what you want to do, but that is a stalled
project too, as far as I can tell.
Now, for Memory Analysis, there is the MAT project,
http://www.eclipse.org/mat/, which I think is quite strong, many users,
several releases, etc. but from the little I know, that doesn't sound like
what you are looking for.

I'm sure others with more current knowledge will comment here eventually
(in next week or two).

Good luck,

From:	Anis Yousefi <yousea2@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To:	tptp-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx,
Date:	01/03/2012 04:03 PM
Subject:	[tptp-pmc] TPTP on indigo
Sent by:	tptp-pmc-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx


I am writing to you with regard to the TPTP project. I am wondering why it
is no longer part of eclipse and If there's a substitute for that in
Indigo? Specifically I am interested in tracing using TPTP Probekit.


      Begin forwarded message:

            From: Kathy Chan <kathy@xxxxxxxxxx>
            Date: December 13, 2011 9:49:31 AM EST
            To: Anis Yousefi <yousea2@xxxxxxxxxxx>
            Cc: Oliver Cole <oec@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx,
            Subject: Re: TPTP on indigo

            Hi Anis,

            You are correct that TPTP is currently not supporting Indigo.
            We had a change of leadership in the TPTP project as indicated
            on the mailing list earlier this year.  As such, the original
            set of committers and PMC members (including myself and Oliver)
            are no longer working on the TPTP project.  For further project
            inquiries, please send a note to the tptp-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx
            mailing list.  The current TPTP PMC should be able to provide
            you with the up-to-date outlook on their plans.

            As noted in the TPTP web site, the current PMC lead for the
            project is Wayne Beaton and the project lead for the TPTP
            sub-projects is Torsten Stolpmann.

            Kathy Chan
            IBM Canada Lab


 From:         Oliver Cole <oec@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>                             
 To:           Anis Yousefi <yousea2@xxxxxxxxxxx>                          
 Cc:           Kathy Chan/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA                                
 Date:         12/13/2011 08:59 AM                                         
 Subject:      Re: TPTP on indigo                                          

               Hi Anis (and Kathy):

                 Please check out the TPTP home page for the current status
            TPTP.  (www.eclipse.org/tptp).


            On 12/13/2011 8:36 AM, Anis Yousefi wrote:
            > Hi There,
            > I was wondering why TPTP is no longer part of eclipse? Does
            this mean we need to use a different tracing tool for Java
            > Regards,
            > Anis


            Oliver E Cole
            OC Systems
            10521 Rosehaven Street, Suite 210              (v) 703.359.8160
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