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[tptp-pmc] Questions about the TPTP Project in preperation of the upcoming PMC Call


to get an overview on the TPTP Project, we have started by looking at the following documents:


Are there any more must-reads you would recommend?

In the following we are listing some points where we could not find enough relevant information. These are not yet ordered by priority and we aware that it will take some tiime to get through all of this. We have not yet covered any technical questions, this will have to be done in later iterations.

I hope this is a good basis for discussion at the PMC call tomorrow.

Thank you for helping us catch up with you here.



Project -------

- Project History

- What part of the Hyades source tree is still relevant? Do you see a potential to further the Hyades -> TPTP Migration or is this process completed?
- TPTP 4.5(?) has been a turning point as suddenly a big amount of open issues have been closed without fixing. What was the cause there?

- Team Structure/Responsibilities

The current structure is documented quite well in the Committer Documentation. Is there historic data available?

- Who is who / Dramatis Personae

Can you give us a brief map on key committers, their main responsibilities and main areas of interest in the project?

We identified the following companies participating in TPTP: IBM, Intel, OC Systems, Scapa. Were there any more companies involved except the above?
When (approx.) did Scapa and Intel left the project?

- Sub-Projects

We will not be able to maintain the Trace sub-project nor will we be able to revive the Monitoring or other As-is components without others to join the project for this effort.

What would you suggest as the next step for the Trace project? Move to AS-IS or Archive? We noticed from bugzilla that there are still users sending patches and asking about shutdown/continuation of the project.

Would it make sense from your perspective to deprecate/remove corresponding parts of the platform project as well to narrow the codebase?


- Development Infrastructure

- Proposed layout for checkout? We stumbled upon: http://www.eclipse.org/tptp/home/documents/resources/projectSets/TPTPProjectSet472.psf, does this reflect all needed/distributed components?
- Proposed development environment (Eclipse version, recommended Plugins)?
- Do you use a previous version of TPTP to run the tests for the current version?
- What infrastructure (Hardware/Software) is needed for non-Java Development?

- Codebase structure

  What is still in use - what is dead? Can we rely on above PSF?

- Coding guidelines

Are there any besides what http://www.eclipse.org/tptp/home/documents/documentation/committers_Documentation.php suggests?

- Naming Conventions

What does the acronyn IWAT stand for? Is there a Catalog of IWAT number ranges?

- Build Environment

How to do local(?), nightly, weekly, release builds?
Is there any infrastructure provided by the foundation for this we may use?
Do we have to provide infrastructure for that? What would be needed?

- Issue Management

The Housekeeping process eliminated a lot of open issues, which may or may not be relevant for future development to look at. What process do you suggest to catch up here in a controlled way?

- Release Process

Is there a detailed step-by-step release process defined somewhere (how to build, deploy, document)?

- Documentation

  What parts are in line with the current implementation?

- Best Practices / Pitfalls / Things to Avoid

  How do you people work on a daily basis?

TPTP Website

  - Is this based on the eclipse Phoenix project?
  - Is there a map or guideline to what to find at what location?
  - What is in use, what is outdated?
  - How to announce build results?
  - What is to be done to do a release?
  - Is there a staging are available?
  - Is there a defined publishing process?
  - What pitfalls can we expect? Are there best practices?