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[tptp-pmc] TPTP Maintenance Updates



The number of fixes for our upcoming maintenance updates have grown to ~12 each vs. the ~6 each approved at the F2F.  This increase reduces the feasibility of doing patches instead of full builds.  We hope to resolve in the next day which direction we’ll go (patches or full builds). 


If we decide to revert to full builds, we’ll respectively need to change the target release numbers (per definition major.minor.update.patch).

Update release for          Was referred to as patch      Would be referred to as build

3.3                                                      3.3.1

4.0                      *                               4.0.2*

4.1                      *                               4.1.1*


*Note, the 4.0/4.1 updates will be built/tested on the Eclipse Platform 3.1.2 update release due Jan 28.


Tentative schedule assuming full builds:

Fri, Dec 23        Cut-off for check-in of approved bug fixes (requires prior code review, testing, and PMC approval)

Fri, Dec 30        Maintenance update builds completed (pending Hubert’s schedule)

Tues, Jan 3       Commence final test pass cycles

Tues, Jan 10      Release Candidates (RCs) available

~Tues, Jan 31*  GAs available


*We previously indicated Jan 27 for the GAs, however the 4.0/4.1 maintenance updates depend on the Eclipse Platform 3.1.2 GA which was previously indicated to be available Jan 28.


PMC approved bug lists:

3.3 update: 86627, 116027, 117109, 117112, 117932, 118820, 119461, 119951, 119975, 120904

4.0 update: 86627, 110577, 111237, 111981, 116027, 116634, 116693, 117112, 117932, 118445, 118820, 119304, 11946, 119873, 119978

4.1 update: 86627, 107639, 110577, 117932, 118445, 118820, 119163, 119304, 119461, 119630, 119920, 119983, 121654







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To: TPTP Platform Project developer discussions
Subject: RE: [tptp-platform-dev] TPTP Platform Project Meeting minutes -Dec 21, 05


I said in the meeting that the builds CANNOT be completed this week.  I have requested PMC to reconsider doing full builds for these releases instead of patching the GA builds, because there are too many bugs to be patched and they affect all the zip files of the releases (including RAC and standalone GLA).  Tyler has said that he "tend to agree" shift back to full builds instead of patches, but this may require changing to the version numbers. I will put the work on the patch build on hope until there is a decision made.  I hope I can get a final decision on how to build this these releases by tomorrow.   Builds can take place next week given that all fixes are checked into CVS by committers, and a decision on how to build these releases is made.  

Hubert Leung
IBM Toronto Lab

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TPTP Platform Project developer discussions


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RE: [tptp-platform-dev] TPTP Platform Project Meeting minutes - Dec        21, 05




   I missed calling this out in the minutes. All fixes for TPTP,, should be checked in by Dec 21, 05.
   Builds will be completed by Hubert by Friday, Dec 23, 05.


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TPTP Platform Project developer discussions
[tptp-platform-dev] TPTP Platform Project Meeting minutes - Dec 21,05

TPTP Platform Project Meeting
Dec 21, 2005
Attendees: Ruth, Valentina, Eugene, Bob, Hendra, Samson, Sheldon, Paul, Hubert, Dave, Kevin, Randy, Guru, Vishnu
TPTP,, Patch release update:
The release candidates for the above releases are Jan 10, and the GA is on Jan 28 (,, and
All committers: Please send detailed description of the files that are being modified for the patch release to Hubert.
The detail should contain bugzilla, “Patch" release the fix is going into, the files being modified, plugins affected. Note that the bugzilla should be approved by the PMC.
Hubert is on vacation next week.
Since in the 3.3 release all PII was done internally, all committers ensure that no Doc changes are being made.
4.2 Planning:
All Component leads: Complete design doc, schedule AG reviews prior to 4.2i1 start date of Jan9,06..
Platform Project Call: There will be no call the week of Dec 26,05.
Platfom project calls will begin again Jan 4th, 06 at a new time - 7:30 AM PST._______________________________________________
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