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[tptp-pmc] FYI - TPTP 4.2 Planning Process

TPTP Community,


As defined at the recent TPTP F2F, we’re making some changes to the TPTP 4.2 planning process per learning from TPTP 4.1 planning.  A key objective is to optimize the planning process (for TPTP 4.1 the RG reviewed ~500 items passing ~300 items along to the AG which reviewed and passed along ~100 items to the PG which reviewed and aligned with resources eventually committing to ~40 items).  A key shift in this proposal is to place more of the planning responsibility directly with the Lead Committers and Project Leads for review with the Requirements/Architecture/Planning groups vs. the other way around. 


TPTP 4.2 will be aligned with Eclipse Platform 3.2 for release around June 30, 2006 (development will commence January 9, 2006 after a little break following our TPTP 4.1 release November 11, 2005).


After this message, I will send specific requests to community, contributors, etc. for their requested input into the planning process.  Our apologies for the compressed schedule for this planning cycle.  Please let us know if you see any issues.


Tyler Thessin

PMC Lead | Eclipse TPTP Project | www.eclipse.org

Engineering Manager | Intel Corporation / Software Products Division | www.intel.com


The following steps generally define the agreed upon new planning process. 








Determine Community Requirements

Community submits votes against bugzilla enhancements and defects to help Project Leads / Lead Committers prioritize efforts for inclusion in TPTP 4.2.

ACTION: Tyler – Asap – Solicit Community voting for TPTP 4.2 plan

Now through Oct 21



Determine Resource Availability

PG representatives provide via tptp-pmc mailing list a summary of the resource availability from their respective organizations for TPTP 4.2 by project/component.

ACTION: PG Members – Oct 21 – Provide TPTP 4.2 resource availability

Now through Oct 21



Determine Contributor Requirements

RG representatives propose via tptp-pmc mailing list a list of bugzilla enhancements/defects roughly equal to the size of their resource commitment.

ACTION: RG Members – Oct 21 – Propose TPTP 4.2 priorities

Now through Oct 21



Determine Architectural Direction

AG representative proposes via tptp-pmc mailing list a list of bugzilla enhancements and defects appropriate for advancing the project in alignment with the TPTP and Eclipse Architecture Plans.

ACTION: Harm – Oct 21 – Propose TPTP 4.2 architectural direction

Now through Oct 21


Lead Committers

Confirmation of Bugzilla Prioritizations

Lead Committers ensure correct priorities for all enhancements and defects against their components, e.g., correct the cases where the default prioritization was never updated to reflect true priority, correct the inconsistencies between severity/priority where appropriate, etc.

ACTION: Lead Committers – Oct 21 – Confirm all 4.2/future bugzilla prioritizations

Now through Oct 21


Lead Committers

Prioritize Candidate Requirements by Component

Lead Committers assimilate Community, Contributor, Architecture, Themes & Priorities inputs, and component maintenance needs (e.g., defect backlog age/size) to produce a prioritized list of candidate requirements (roughly balanced partitioning of P1/P2/P3 priorities) and ensures requirement description documents are available for all candidate requirements to be later reviewed by AG.

ACTION: Lead Committers – Oct 28 – Prepare proposed component


Oct 22-28


Project Leads

Consolidate Project-wide Prioritized Candidate Requirements
Project Leads scrutinize Lead Committer proposals to ensure appropriate consideration of Community, Contributor, Architecture, and Themes & Priorities inputs, and balance between enhancements and maintenance.  Produce consolidated cross-component proposals into project summary.

ACTION: Project Leads – Oct 31 – Prepare candidate requirements prioritization proposal for PMC/RG review (tbd: need template)

Oct 22-31



Requirements Group Review

PMC/RG reviews Project Lead proposed prioritization of requirements relative to community votes, contributor requests, themes & priorities, and project advancement; Outcome is PMC/RG approved candidate list of requirements.

ACTION: Tyler – Announce PMC/RG approval of TPTP 4.2 candidate requirements list

Nov 1 @ PMC/PG Mtg (plus special invite of RG)


Project Leads

Architectural Group Review

Project Leads/Lead Committers drive review of candidate requirements through AG to confirm design documents and sizing; Outcome is AG approved list of requirements complete with design/sizing docs.

ACTION: Project Leads/Lead Committers – Oct 18 – Drive AG reviews of TPTP 4.2 candidate requirements

Nov 2-18


Project Leads

Resource Alignment

Project Leads/Lead Committers align estimated efforts with resources available to determine proposed plan.

ACTION: Project Leads – Nov 28 – Prepare final plan proposal for PMC/PG review

Nov 19-28



Draft Plan Approval

PMC/PG review proposed draft plan for resource feasibility, architectural alignment, requirements alignment; Outcome is approved TPTP 4.2 Draft Plan.

ACTION: Tyler – Nov 29 – Announce availability of TPTP 4.2 draft plan for community review and final request for contribution

Nov 29 @



Community Review of Draft Plan

Online plan document announced to community via tptp-news, tptp-pmc, and tptp newsgroup for review and feedback; Opportunity for community acceptance as well as opportunity for community to commit to additional contributions to address requirements deferred due to resource gaps.

Nov 30-Dec 8



Final Plan Approval

PMC reviews Community feedback and any remaining issues from Project Leads PMC and votes to approve plan; Outcome is approved TPTP 4.2 plan.

ACTION: Tyler – Dec 12 – Announce availability of TPTP 4.2 final plan

Dec 9



As part of the Eclipse “release train,” we will align TPTP 4.2 with Eclipse Platform 3.2 starting with Eclipse Platform 3.2 M3.  Detailed alignment timeline follows:





EP 3.2 M2

Sept 23


TPTP 4.1 I2 Candidate (Test Build on EP 3.2 M2)

Oct 17

Build of current TPTP 4.1 functionality in preparation for first formal build on EP 3.2 Nov 18 (provide as first “4.2” build on “hidden” build page – need access for team testing, but only a test build, not publicly consumable)

TPTP 4.1 GA (Available on EP 3.1.1)

Nov 11

Next major TPTP release




EP 3.2 M3

Nov 4


TPTP 4.2 “M3” (Available on EP 3.2 M3)

Nov 18

First formal TPTP build on EP 3.2 (Functionally equivalent to TPTP 4.1 GA) (provide on public “4.2” build page starting with nightly builds Nov 6)

EP 3.2 M4

Dec 16


TPTP 4.2 “M4” (Available on EP 3.2 M4)

~Dec 17

Second formal TPTP build on EP 3.2 (Functionally equivalent to TPTP 4.1 GA)

TPTP 4.2 Formal start of development

Jan 9

We have “down-time” between Nov 11-Jan 6

TPTP 4.2 I1 (Available on EP 3.2 M4?)

Feb 24

We’ll plan alignment with EP milestones during this period when such are published

EP 3.2 RC0

Apr 1


TPTP 4.2 I2 (Available on EP 3.2 RC0)

Apr 14

We’ll plan alignment with EP milestones during this period when such are published

TPTP 4.2 I3 (Available on EP 3.2 RC?)

May 26

Final TPTP feature development iteration to be aligned as appropriate with EP milestones during this period when published.

TPTP 4.2 GA (Available on EP 3.2 GA & EMF GA)

~Jun 30

We’ll plan alignment with EP milestones during this period when such are published – we’re generally expecting to be in frequent build/test mode toward ~simultaneous closure with EP