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[tptp-pmc] Building TPTP against Eclipse 3.2 and EMF 2.2

I have been asked to do a test build of TPTP 4.1 against Eclipse SDK 3.2 and EMF 2.2 to see which APIs are broken by the dependency change, and report to the PMC.  I have done the build, and found only 1 plugin failed in the build.  The plugin is org.eclipse.hyades.trace.ui.  The owners have been notified.  

The next steps in the plan of migrating to use Eclipse 3.2 and EMF 2.2 are:
- When the eclipse 3.2 M3 SDK and EMF 2.2 that is built on Eclipse 3.2 M3 are both available, I will do branch the head of TPTP CVS to the TPTP_4_1_0 branch.  The expected date for this to happen is Nov 7.  Note that this date is one week before TPTP 4.1.0 GAs.  
- After the branch, all code changes to TPTP 4.1.0 must be checked into both the TPTP_4_1_0 branch and the HEAD branch.  Since the time will be so close to GA, the number of changes is expected to be small.
- The HEAD branch will be built against eclipse 3.2 and the TPTP_4_1_0 branch will be built against eclipse 3.1.  The HEAD branch can be considered as "TPTP 4.1.0 built on eclipse 3.2". (It's not 4.2 yet.)  The HEAD branch and the TPTP_4_1_0 branches should be identical except for the fix for the compilation errors identified in today's test build.  
- The official download for TPTP 4.1.0 from eclipse will be built on Eclipse 3.1 SDK.  

Hubert Leung
IBM Toronto Lab