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[tptp-platform-dev] Vote for Committer status for Mike Reid was started by Kathy Chan

tptp.platform Committers,
This automatically generated message signals that Kathy Chan has nominated
Mike Reid as a Committer on the tptp.platform project. The reason given is
as follows:

I would like to nominate Mike Reid as committer to the TPTP Platform
project. Mike had been working closely with current TPTP committers on
Agent Controller and profiling code in the last few months. He had already
submitted numerous patches in these area. He'll be a valuable addition to
the team.

The vote is being held via the MyFoundation portal: voters *must* use the
portal for the votes to be properly recorded.  The voting will continue
until either all 10 existing Committers have voted or until they have been
given enough time to vote, even if they do not do so (defined as at least
one week). Mike Reid must receive at least three +1s and no -1s for a
successful election.

Eligible Committers must cast their votes through their My Foundation
portal page (do NOT just reply to this email; your vote will not be
correctly recorded unless you use the portal):


The project Committers eligible to vote are:

    Joel Cayne
    Eugene Chan
    Kathy Chan
    Oliver Cole
    Chengrui Deng
    Chris Elford
    Yunan He
    Ernest Mah
    Joseph Toomey
    Jonathan West

*NOTE*: Successful elections are left open for a maximum of 60 days to
allow for processing of paperwork.  After that time the election will be
expired, regardless of its current status.  Should papework processing on
the part of the candidate take more time than allowed, a new election will
have to be held.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your project
lead, PMC member, or the EMO <emo@xxxxxxxxxxx>