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[tptp-platform-dev] TPTP needs your input!

Hi TPTP Community,
The TPTP PMC is collecting information on community usage of the project to be used for the project's long term development plan.
We need your input and participation!
Please forward your response to ewchan@xxxxxxxxxx indicating that you or your group is a
1) User of the TPTP product.
             (Optionally) If so, which components:
               a) Java profiling
               b) Test project
               c) Profile on Server
               d) Monitoring and Logging
               e) Build to Manage
               f) Other, please indicate
2) Extender of the TPTP project,
             (Optionally) If so, which components:
                a) Platform models
                b) Test framework
                c) Profiling views
                d) Monitoring and Logging
                e) Agent Controller
                f) Other, please indicate
3) Both User and Extender and Optionally list the components.

Any additional information about your group or nature of your project, as well as any future plan on adopting TPTP will also help the planing.
Please return your response by Jan 19, 2010 for discussion in the next TPTP PMC meeting.

Thanks for your time.