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[tptp-platform-dev] RE: [tptp-pmc] Proposed TPTP 4.7 component reorganization

I promised to read and comment today...  Just a few comments...
NIT #1
NIT #2
Finally, its somewhat of a nit but are we following our contract?  I am wondering if we need to create a TPTP 5.0 for inserting the empty plugins and and maybe 6.0 to actually remove empty plugins.  Maybe I'm not reading the contract correctly.  Do we need to read the contract more carefully or does anyone already have insights ready made here about the contract...  Harm used to always have pretty profound statements about API contract that would impact our version numbers... 
From our contract (http://www.eclipse.org/tptp/home/documents/process/development/api_contract.html):

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Subject: [tptp-pmc] Proposed TPTP 4.7 component reorganization

As we move forward to the TPTP 4.7 release (going into Eclipse Helios delivery of June 2010), we are planning to take this opportunity to do some much needed component reorganization for the TPTP project.  This include:

- Moving BtM to As-Is (as had been announced earlier)
- Moving the technical preview components to As-Is:
        - API Recorder Framework
        - Build-to_manage Toolkit for .NET
        - C/C++ Code Review Provider
- Removing a majority of the As-Is components from the regular builds

Details of the proposed reorganization can be found in:


Defects (linked from the wiki page) had been opened to track the proposed reorganization.  Please use the defects to communicate any concerns you might have.  Please enter your comments by January 5 as we are planning on finalizing the proposal in the January 6 PMC meeting and carrying out the proposed reorganization shortly after that in time for the Helios M5 drop.


Kathy Chan
IBM Canada Lab