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[tptp-platform-dev] Slight modification to PMC approval process


As discussed in last week's PMC meeting, in order to better keep track of discussions and approvals for each defects requiring PMC approval, instead of filing in the Stop Ship Template in an email, defect owner should now add a comment directly in the bugzilla defect and fill in the template there.  Then, once the project lead approves the defect, the project lead would use the "pmc_approved" flag and place the emails of the PMC members beside the "?" so that the PMC members can be notified and provide their approval.

This modification of the PMC approval process has been updated (including the emails of PMC members) in the stop ship template at:


The PMC members' emails are:

oec@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, chris.l.elford@xxxxxxxxx, sluiman@xxxxxxxxxx, ernest@xxxxxxxxxx, kathy@xxxxxxxxxx, paules@xxxxxxxxxx, ewchan@xxxxxxxxxx

Kathy Chan
IBM Canada Lab