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Re: [tptp-platform-dev] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/eclipse/tptp/martini/CGProxy - please help

Thank's for answer, Eugene.

2008/10/1 Eugene Chan <ewchan@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Vadim,

The agent started with you Tomcat server process is already attached as part of the profile on server process hence there is no other agent available for attach in the agents list.

You are right. As I understand there is a several ways to profile some application. One of them is to configure "Attach to agent". But it do not works, because of empty agents list in this configuration. Other way is to profile through the server configuration - the way I used when got a NoClassDefFoundException. So, I successfully profiled simple console application through "Profile->Java Application->Monitor". As you saying IAC was started automatically. And, as I understand, therefore agent list in "Attach to agent" is empty again, but it not so important.

Regarding the NoClassDefFoundError, could you try profile with a simple Java application (eg. HelloWorld) and check if profile works for you? It looks like you may have file missing in your installation.

So profiling of simple console application is working fine. I also founded the file CGProxy.class in folder


of my eclipse installation. Am I doing something wrong while trying to profile my webapp?

Please continue this discussion on the newsgroup : news://news.eclipse.org/eclipse.tptp


Eugene Chan
IBM Toronto Laboratory, Canada

email: ewchan@xxxxxxxxxx
pwa: D1-649 | tieline: 313-6102
voice: 1.905.413.6102 | fax: 1.905.413.4850


I have downloaded and installed TPTP platform, Monitoring Tools, Tracing and Profiling Tools (release - 4.5.1) on my Eclipse 3.4. All requirements are observed. I'm trying to profile my osgi-based web application by using "Servers" view. I configured Tomcat as Server. Then I'm clicking right button on the server and choose "Profile". It sucessfully started, but when I open the start page of my web application I'm getting an empty page - main servlet has threw Exception NoClassDefFoundError (see tomcat log in attached file).

I didn't install standalone Agent Controller. IAC is used and successfully started (ACServer.exe in WinXP processes list) and connected (I checked it out on "Window->Preferences->Agent Controller" Window when testing connection). But in profile configuration "Attach to Agent" it is not listed in "Agents" tab. Available agents list is empty.

Can someone please help me?


P.S. Martini log is over 23 MB. I've attached only the last ~ 100 rows of this log.[attachment "tomcat.log" deleted by Eugene Chan/Toronto/IBM] [attachment "MLog03736_last100.log" deleted by Eugene Chan/Toronto/IBM]
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