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[tptp-news] TPTP 4.4.1 is released!

TPTP Community,

The TPTP 4.4.1 maintenance release (Europa Winter Maintenance Release) is
now available for download:


This maintenance release improves on the recent TPTP maintenance
release (Europa Fall Maintenance Release).

For more information on the TPTP 4.4.0 release (Europa Release), see:

New and Noteworthy:


Quick Tour:


For TPTP 4.4.0 users, update to the TPTP 4.4.1 release from the TPTP Update
Site (Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) Updates) using the Update
Manager. For more information, see:



Paul Slauenwhite
IBM Toronto Lab, Canada

Internet: paules@xxxxxxxxxx
Telephone: (905) 413-3861
Tie Line: 313-3861