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RE: [tptp-news] Execution flow does not show anything



Please post such questions to the TPTP Platform Developer discussions list (tptp-platform-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx) or to the TPTP newsgroup.


Collection of Execution flow information is turned-off by default. Make sure to turn-on this feature before starting the profiling session.






Asaf Yaffe

TPTP Committer, JVMTI Profiler component


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Hi there,
I'm trying to profile a java web application which sits on top of tomcat 5.5.20.I'm using jdk1.5.0_12, eclipse 3.2.1 and TPTP and the agent controller for TPTP
After profiling I can open the Execution Statistics with no problem and the same goes for the Coverage Statistics.
1 When I open the Execution Flow view I cannot see any flow diagram. The view opens fine but there are no bars showing.
2 In the Profiling Monitor view, when I select the monitor and I right-click on it and select Open With , there's no Execution Flow entry(as the manual says).
The way I open the Execution Flow view is by Eclipse's menu: Window->Show View->Other... and from Profiling and Logging I select Execution Flow.
Am I doing something wrong?





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