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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] TPTP 4.5.3 planning.

Hi TPTP Community,

As part of the TPTP 4.5.3 planning, TPTP PMC would like to get community feedback and compose a list of defects that is considered priority to the user community.

Here is a list of bugzilla entries that's driven by the mailing list and newsgroup postings:

Profiling and Trace:
259186 [POG] Confusion actions: Refresh vs Refresh view vs Unload Profiling Data
259189 [POG] View refresh should maintain tree list state
259195 [POG] Maintain view column width between level switch of statistics view
188809 [POG] [Doc] No documentation on Call Tree, Session Summary and Thread Analysis view
235226 [POG] Eclipse JVM out of heap space
68111  Data Collection Engine for Mac OS X

59905  Exception when canceling a recording (before "recording "actually starts)
133099 Providing the ability to record user's interactions with GEF objects in a GEF editor

If you have another defects that would like to be considered in the 4.5.3 planning process, please reply to me at ewchan@xxxxxxxxxx by Tuesday Feb 24 end of day.

Thanks for your time,


Eugene Chan
IBM Toronto Laboratory, Canada
email: ewchan@xxxxxxxxxx