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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] TPTP Architecture Group (AG) call : Call to discuss 226572 - Remove requirement on environment variables setup.

TPTP Committers,

There is a concern raised on the number of environment variables that is required to setup for profiler to work in attach mode. User currently needs to setup the following variables prior to profiling: TPTP_AC_HOME, JAVA_PROFILER_HOME, PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH (for Linux). With the discussion of an extra variable TPTP_AC_CONFIG_HOME in defect 227779. There is a need to review the requirement of the existing variables and find a way to minimize the number of them.

As the new TPTP Architecture Group Lead, I would like to host an AG meeting on this topic and discussion on a solution to solve this usability problem. Proposing Wed 7/23 9am EST. Please reply if you are interested in attending this call and I will forward the conference number.


Eugene Chan
IBM Toronto Laboratory, Canada

email: ewchan@xxxxxxxxxx
pwa: D1-649 | tieline: 313-6102
voice: 1.905.413.6102 | fax: 1.905.413.4850