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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Misplaced .project files in CVS (/test-results/*).

Project Leads and Committers,
      We recently found a problem with the BVTs due to many misplaced
.project files in CVS (/test-results/*).  For example,
  These misplaced .project files cause the import of the test plug-ins
during the BVT to fail.  The misplaced .project files are created by
Eclipse when a non-project/plug-in folder is checkout of CVS to the local
workspace and the committer checks in the non-project/plug-in folder (or an
ancestor), including the newly created .project file.

Reminder: When checking in files to CVS, please be sure to not check in
misplaced files, including .project files.


Paul Slauenwhite
IBM Toronto Lab, Canada

Internet: paules@xxxxxxxxxx
Telephone: (905) 413-3861
Tie Line: 313-3861