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Re: [tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] ask approval for 200468


200468 BtM for .NET viewer enhancements: Approved.


-What component and plug-in does this code reside in?  In the Description
Document, it is listed as BTMAddin, will is not a valid component or
plug-in name.

-The VS viewer should be an alternative to the TPTP views.  However, the
documentation for the Build-to-Manage Toolkit for .NET Technology Preview
 only discusses the VS viewer.  In fact, it is called the Eclipse TPTP ARM
report.  The documentation must include an explanation of how to use the
TPTP views to view Common Base Events and ARM/trace data collected from
.NET applications.

-Completing enhancements without AG/PG/PMC approval is strictly prohibited.
In the future, please ensure the appropriate approvals are granted before
starting enhancement work.

      Note, the Project Lead typically requests an AG review, inferring
that they have reviewed and approve the enhancement at the project level.


Paul Slauenwhite
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I'm sending this email to mail list to ask for approval for 200468.

BtM for .NET is a tech preview tool under TPTP. It has a viewer to show the
collected ARM data. We want to improve some GUI functions of it, and opened
a request in bugzilla: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=200468

The following is the brief description:

Currently there are two view levels supported, method level and class
level. It'll be better to support the namespace level.

If there are hundreds of thousands of records displayed in the viewer,
it'll be hard for the user to find what he wants. Therefore, it'll be nice
to have the following enhancements:
1, a filter/search box on the top of the viewer. Also, we can have some
predefined filters for user's convenience.
2, column sorting.

Richard Yun Song Huang
IBM Tivoli China Development Lab
huangys@xxxxxxxxxx | +86(10)82782244 ext 3021
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