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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Problem with agents

my name's Mike, I'm an intern at IBM Rational.  I'm using tptp to profile our product, a tomcat server and an eclipse based client that accesses it.  I've been using tptp, along with a downloaded agent controller, to profile the server.  until recently.  currently when i try to profile the server i am not able to because there are no agents available.  I am using the "attach to agent" process.  i test the connection to localhost:10002 and it is successful.  I click on the agents tab and nothing is listed.  I have tried reinstalling in new locations and with new workspaces, new versions, i've tried new 1.5 + 1.6 java and old 1.4 java.  i've tried to connect the the AC through all the different ports (10002,10003,10005,10006).  My tptp install is basically the all-in-one download, all the plugins, emf(approperiate to my jre), and an agent controller in a seperate folder.  I've browsed through your entire archive of threads and as many tutorials i can find.  I need to get this working to do performance testing for my team with.  this is important, and if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.  I wouldn't mind a fix or workaround of any sort, a different process that might work, profile the client, some scripting, ect.  oh, the one possible lead i might have is that i originally set up the server to work based on an internal article i found for profiling a tomcat server with tptp (http://blogs.tap.ibm.com/weblogs/jazzrcs/resource/InstrumentandmonitorRationalTeamConcert.doc).  this tutorial requires the user to copy the buildToManage.jar file into the bin directory.  as far as i can tell tptp is integrated with this file and i can't find it.  thank you for your time

mike drummond