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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Request for approval 190906

I would like to request approval for defect 190906: "WSDM Tooling: Remove unwanted/obsolete WTP and MAX references".

1. Explain why you believe this is a stop-ship defect. How does the defect manifest itself, and how will users of TPTP / consuming products be
affected if the defect is not fixed?

This prevents installation of the tooling on Java 1.4. Users expect that they can install on 1.4 without having to install WTP (which requires 1.5). This is a major usability issue if users have to install WTP even if they don't want to produce J2EE based endpoints.

2. Is there a work-around? If so, why do you believe the work-around is insufficient?

3. Is this a regression or API breakage? Explain.

4. Does this require new API?

5. Who performed the code review?
Balan Subramanian. Patch was provided by Saurabh Dravid.

6. Is there a test case attached to the bugzilla record?

7. What is the risk associated with this fix?
Low Risk. This changes only dependencies in some feature files and two plugin.xml files.

8. Is this fix related to any standards that TPTP adheres to? If so, who has validated that the fix continues to adhere to the standard?

Balan Subramanian
Autonomic Computing, IBM, RTP, NC
919.543.0197 | bsubram@xxxxxxxxxx