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Re: [tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Request for approval 178487

I added a comment to the bugzilla that the 3rd Party plugins that these jars will be located in must have appropriate about.html and license files.  Please attach a patch to the bugzilla with the about.html changes for the plugins that already exist.  You can look at existing 3rd Party plugins (eg. org.junit and org.apache.log4j)    .for examples of the required about .html file.

Dave N. Smith
Tivoli Autonomic Computing Development                          
IBM Toronto Laboratory

Balan Subramanian <bsubram@xxxxxxxxxx>
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06/06/2007 05:27 PM

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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Request for approval 178487

Dave, Joanna,

I'd like to request your approval for checking in the Muse and Axis2 JAR files as per:


We have documented the files that need to be checked in and the minor changes to the build. Please review and approve. Once approved, I can check in the corresponding files into TPTP CVS and the build will pick them up from there instead of from the ZIP files currently being used.

Balan Subramanian
Autonomic Computing, IBM, RTP, NC
919.543.0197 | bsubram@xxxxxxxxxx

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