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Re: [tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Translatability report issues

Just to clarify.  Each *.properties file must contain one of the following
comments to indicate the type of quotes used:


Choose which comment to use based on this criteria:
 NLS_MESSAGEF Each string is assumed to be processed by the                
 ORMAT_ALL    java.text.MessageFormat class (single quote must be coded as 
              2 consecutive single quotes '').                             
 NLS_MESSAGEF All strings are assumed to NOT be processed by the           
 ORMAT_NONE   java.text.MessageFormat class (single quote must be coded as 
              1 single quote ').                                           
 NLS_MESSAGEF Strings which contain replacement variables are processed by 
 ORMAT_VAR    the MessageFormat class (single quote must be coded as 2     
              consecutive single quotes ''). Strings which do NOT contain  
              replacement variables are NOT processed by the MessageFormat 
              class (single quote must be coded as 1 single quote ').      

NLS_MESSAGEFORMAT_VAR is the most common choice, so in order to reduce the
amount of work for the developers, it has been added to all *.properties
files missing this comment.  However, this choice may or may not be correct
for your plugin.  So, I'm asking all plugin owners to look into their code
and make sure that NLS_MESSAGEFORMAT_VAR is indeed the correct choice.  If
not, please change it to the correct value.

For more information, please consult

Qiyan Li
Problem Determination Tools
IBM Toronto Lab

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Fax: (905) 413-4920

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I addressed the CHKPII error messages 115
(http://w3-03.ibm.com/globalization/page/2190#SPTMSG115) and 920
(http://w3-03.ibm.com/globalization/page/2190#SPTMSG920) in all properties
files reported bad.

For all *.properties files with an error code of 920 I assumed
NLS_MESSAGEFORMAT_VAR is the desired format and I also doubled the single
quotes CHKPII was complaining about.
Plugin maintainers who need to use a different format should update the
NLS_MESSAGEFORMAT in the properties files and also make sure the quotes
are correctly used for that format.

Sorin Stoian
IBM Toronto Lab
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