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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Translatability report issues


I addressed the CHKPII error messages 115 
(http://w3-03.ibm.com/globalization/page/2190#SPTMSG115) and 920 
(http://w3-03.ibm.com/globalization/page/2190#SPTMSG920) in all properties 
files reported bad.

For all *.properties files with an error code of 920 I assumed 
NLS_MESSAGEFORMAT_VAR is the desired format and I also doubled the single 
quotes CHKPII was complaining about.
Plugin maintainers who need to use a different format should update the 
NLS_MESSAGEFORMAT in the properties files and also make sure the quotes 
are correctly used for that format.

Sorin Stoian
IBM Toronto Lab