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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Monitoring Tools Project Status - January 16, 2007

Monitoring Tools Project Status Meeting Minutes - Jan. 16, 2007

Present:  Dave Smith, Balan Subramanian, Eugene Chan, Alex Nan, Matt Mings

4.2.2 Status:

Full test pass for GA code this week - to be completed by Jan. 24
Tech previews should do a smoke test against the 4.2.2 base
Plan to run all of the automated tests on Vista

Test candidate driver:
Build ID: TPTP-4.2.2-200701151346
URL: http://www.eclipse.org/tptp/home/downloads/drops/TPTP-4.2.2-200701151346.html

Balan still needs to work with Hubert to resolve the 4.2.2 tech preview content issue that was identified last week
- one solution is to replace the 4.2.2 download content with the 4.2.1 content
- he will check the 4.3.1 CVS stream to see if there are any discrepancies from 4.3

4.3.1 Status:
- Alex has finished coding his 4.3.1 fixes (170348, 170351) and they are ready for review

4.4 Status

Defect triage and sizing
- Eugene not finished sizing - can finish this afternoon
- Alex - still needs to confirm P3 defect prioritizations - sizings complete
- Dave not finished his sizings
- Matt completed sizings
- Balan - has sized P1 & P2's and has resources assigned to do them
              - needs to finish triaging P3's
              - 6 bugs on the list Dave sent out have been fixed already

4.4 Schedule:
Iteration 1 Test Pass 1 Candidate build Feb 2
Iteration 1 Test Pass 2 Candidate build Feb 16
Iteration 1 release Feb 23 to coincide with Europa M5 milestone

Reminder: Goal is to enter the test pass with a stable driver and no expected defects
Fixes checked into CVS during the last week of development must be approved by the Project Lead so they can assess the risk to stability.

Draft 4.4 schedule can be found at http://wiki.eclipse.org/index.php/TPTP_4.4_Plan

Stage 1 feature status:
- meeting being set up with WTP and Eclipse legal team to discuss Apache Axis legal review
- Balan to follow up with Eclipse legal to find out the status of the Apache Muse 2.0 contribution review and to ensure it is not being held up
by the Axis review - Muse cannot be contributed to Orbit until it is approved by legal

Internal API usage
- a workaround for EMF internal API's usage requires Muse 2.2 API's - concern that approval for Muse 2.2 may not come in time
- internal WTP API usage
        - WTP have contacted Balan regarding his requirements - Balan will follow up with them on the outlook for getting public API for Europa
        - from early users of Muse and the WSDM tooling the common usage is creating web projects with Axis
        - Balan will prepare a proposal where the web project support stays tech preview and the rest of the function is GA'ed
                   in case the WTP APIs are not made public in Europa

Dave N. Smith
Tivoli Autonomic Computing Development                          
IBM Toronto Laboratory
External: 905-413-3916
Tieline: 969-3916