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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Monitoring Tools Project Status - October 3, 2006

Monitoring Tools Project Status Meeting Minutes - Oct. 3, 2006

Present:  Dave Smith, Matt Mings, Balan Subramanian, Eugene Chan

4.2.1 Defects
153095 - Hubert to add link to web document to TPTP download page - Balan will contact Hubert

4.3 Features
Balan & Mark - close features that are complete - all of them are complete except for 150385, 150495
Matt and Balan are testing the scenario of Managed Agent Explorer managing a Tomcat server via JMX

4.3 test status
Balan - all tests executed - need to check in execution histories
Matt - all tests executed and execution histories checked in - not showing in report - will resolve
Eugene - Monitor.UI.SDBEditor.*, Monitor.UI.SymDB.* - should have been run yesterday by Navid
        - all other UI tests completed
Dave - all GLA tests completed
George - not on call - status unknown

4.3 Defects
159331 - new tech preview web page - working on it - targetted for end of week

- 158233 - still outstanding - patch tested by Matt but encountered another problem - highest priority as it is blocking i2 testpass 2
- several problems in WSDM Tooling - have fixes in hand - will open defects and check them in after the next i2 candidate test driver is built
- targetted several of Mark & Balan's to i3 as they aren't blocking i2
- 158966 - Balan thinks it has been fixed already - will confirm and close

- 159523 - retarget to i3 because it is not a blocking issue for i2
- 158335 - retarget to i3 because it is not a blocking issue for i2 - exception written to eclipse error log
- defer several defects from i2 to i3 because they are not blocking issues

- not on call - status of 156231 unknown

Dave N. Smith
Data Collection Tooling                          
IBM Toronto Laboratory