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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Monitoring Tools Project Status - September 19, 2006

Monitoring Tools Project Status Meeting Minutes - Sept. 19, 2006

Present:  Dave Smith, Matt Mings, Balan Subramanian, Eugene Chan, Alex Nan, Mark Weitzel

4.2.1 Defects
153095 - Balan completing right now
157650 - issue may be addressed in 4.3 - may require schema changes if so will open a new defect for Ruth - not a 4.2.1 issue
157677 - new defect - Eugene transferred it to Platform.UI.ProfilingPerspective because there is no indication it is a Monitoring issue
156231 - need update from George - Dave has sent emails with a suspected problem

4.2.1 Testing status
no report this morning
Alex has completed his testing
Dave has completed his testing
Eugene has completed his testing
Balan and Matt have done their 4.2.1 testing
Ruth was still running Monitoring testcases yesterday - Dave will follow up on her status
No new Monitoring defects opened from testpass

4.2.1 candidate driver
- Alex committed fix for 156880 and Hubert is patching the build

4.3 Features
Alex - features complete

- needs to enhance documentation - will open a bugzilla
- will open a couple of bugzillas for issues found during unit testing

- requires some doc enhancements - will be tracked via defects in i3
- got status from Hubert - build ready by end of day today

96433 - doc update required - will be completed by EOD
126653 - unit testing still to be done - awaiting fix for 156940 - will be completed by EOD

4.3 Defects
Alex and Eugene continuing to fix 4.3 defects until a build is announced

4.3 Status - waiting for a build

4.4 planning  - will begin in October
May be a 4.2.2 fix release in January - downstream products are picking up 4.2/4.2.1 and may need further fixes
Mark's team may need a 4.3.1 release to update the Apache Muse jars with a newer Muse release

Dave N. Smith
Data Collection Tooling                          
IBM Toronto Laboratory