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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Monitoring Tools Project Status - September 5, 2006

Monitoring Tools Project Status Meeting Minutes - Sept. 5, 2006

Present:  Dave Smith, Matt Mings, Balan Subramanian, Alex Nan, Eugene Chan

4.2.1 Status
153095 - Balan will try to close it today

4.3 Features
Alex - 4.2.1 defect work has delayed work on 4.3 features
134532 - still have a dependency on org.eclipse.hyades.execution that needs to be resolved - docs still need to be split into separate doc plugin for symptom editor
134798 - SSL support still needs to be done - full support for certificates - this part is at risk - don't want to use RAC support because it is located in org.eclipse.hyades.execution

Balan - have checked in the majority of the code for all features
145058 - changed design for notification slightly - needs to discuss further with Matt - will be done by eod tomorrow at latest
150385 - have Muse jars - will send them to Janet for final approval

148044 - only one outstanding - awaiting completion of Balan's notification feature

96433 - coding completed
126653 - coding completed - needs to be tested in log import scenario
141840 - planned to be completed by end of week

4.3 Defects
146949 - TVT defect - not critical for 4.3
138213 - sounds like a feature request - needs proper design - cannot be contained in 4.3 i2 - candidate for deferral to 4.4
130022 - need status from George

Matt - planning to open a feature request against Probekit

Dave N. Smith
Data Collection Tooling                          
IBM Toronto Laboratory