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Re: [tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] TPTP code coverage


TPTP has a method coverage function which is a GA function since TPTP 4.1 and as such available with Eclipse 3.1; you can use this function to analyze how many methods have been hit ( run ) during the application execution.
The method coverage is engaged by running your application in profiling mode ( Java Perspective > Profile...  ) and the select Cove coverage - Method Level option in the Profiling tab. Note that this works with Eclipse 3.1, you'll just need to install TPTP 4.1 or TPTP

The line coverage Technology preview function works only with Eclipse 3.2; the reason is that the startup options for the plugin manifest has been changed since 3.1 and the new code is not backward compatible. If you want to use this code with Eclipse 3.1 you'll need to update the manifest file and replace this line Eclipse-LazyStart: true with Eclipse-AutoStart: true

I am not sure why you have problems running the line coverage with Eclipse 3.2 ; I will try to debug this if you send me the .metadata\.log file and describe the exact steps you are trying to execute

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Re: [tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] TPTP code coverage

Hi Srinivas

             Thanks for the information, i tried to upgrade to eclipse 3.2 but there are build issues with my plugins so looking into that at present


On 7/6/06, Doddapaneni, Srinivas P <srinivas.p.doddapaneni@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Code coverage is a tech preview feature and it requires Eclipse 3.2 and TPTP 4.2. Try after upgrading to Eclipse 3.2 if you can.




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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] TPTP code coverage


Hi ,

        I tried to use the code coverage tool present in the TPTP with eclipse 3.1. There are alot of issues it doesnot work. Is it possible to use code coverage with eclipse 3.1? where can i get the sources for code coverage to modify it to work with eclipse 3.1?


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