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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Proposed change to V4.2 build process for Javadoc

Hi Project Leads,

We currently have a twofold problem with our Javadoc:
        1. We keep a copy of it in CVS in the agentcontroller doc plug-in, which requires manual updates every time that the Javadoc is regenerated, plus the Javadoc fails our copyright-checking tool and some doc tools. The current version that we are shipping was last updated in 2005.
        2. People complain that they can't find the Javadoc.

We have a solution for TPTP V4.2 that will not affect the TPTP driver. This solution would require an adjustment to the build process. The build currently generates the Javadoc, one per project, and posts the Javadoc files on the web.

        1. The proposal is for the build to additionally package that Javadoc in plug-in JAR files, one for each Project. By wrapping the Javadoc in a plug-in JAR the user could download the Javadoc from the web page, install it in their driver, and browse it in the Eclipse Help Contents. This eliminates the manual updates in CVS.
        2. A new Javadoc central page would be created for the TPTP web page; this central page would have pointers to the Javadoc on the web, both those browsable on-line and the new downloadable plug-in JARs. The Downloads page, Project web pages, and Documentation page would all point to this central Javadoc page.

        1. This would be a one-time change.
        2. This affects what's posted on the web only; no changes to the TPTP driver (other than removing the copy of Javadoc from CVS).
        3. I would check in the plug-in stubs that the build would use to wrap the Javadoc in (the stubs are currently residing only on my hard drive). There would be one plug-in stub per Project in the development (not web) CVS.
        4. Hubert would modify the build scripts to wrap the Javadoc in the plug-in stubs and would also update the downloads page to point to the new Javadoc central page.

https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=144769 has been opened against TPTP.Web for this update. Please let me know if I can proceed - I am asking all of you for your approval because each Project needs to approve a plug-in being checked in their project in CVS.

Thank you,

Ruth Lee
IBM Toronto Lab
T/L 969-4453