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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Proposed additions to the TPTP Monitoring Tools project plan for 4.2i2

Today the PMC approved dropping the following Monitoring Tools features from the 4.2 plan due to schedule pressure and focus on quality for the release:

78319  Provide wizard on Substitution Rule creation  
96433  API to programmatically modify GLA adapter configuration    
114818  [Usability] The Import Log function is too complex  
126253  Exploit new GLA configuration update API in ParserWrapper

The consumers of these features accepted this list but since the cut was 46% of the i2 Monitoring Tools feature work, they requested that that the following list of features be swapped into the 4.2 plan:

130905  Import/Export Log sets configurations
130907  Add user selection check box in File->Import dgb
130908  Support editing of log file locations from the File->Import-Log file dgB

The sizings for these features totalled 5.3 PW and represents 12% of the remaining Monitoring Tools 4.2 features.

Net reduction in the remaining Monitoring Tools 4.2 feature work would be 34%

The request also included the addition of the following features to the Platform project

130903  Highlighter support - use filter builder to support it  
130904  Support AND/OR expresssions in the Log view and File->Import ->Log files filters

All of these new features are enhancements to improve the usability of Log And Trace Analyzer.

An Architecture Group review of these 5 new features (130903, 130904, 130905, 130907, 130908) will be scheduled for Friday.  Please reply to the mailing list if you would like to attend and I will send you the meeting information.  Note, some preliminary review of these features has already taken place so if there is no further interest in reviewing them the review on Friday will close quickly.


Dave N. Smith
Data Collection Tooling                          
IBM Toronto Laboratory