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Re: [tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Nomination of Mark Weitzel and Balan Subramanian as Committers for the Monitoring Tools Project

I veto the creation of the component until such time as George's concern's are adequately addressed


george.christelis@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I approve Mark and Balan as committers, but would like it to be noted that I strongly oppose the planned implementation of this feature. I've outlined my concerns in 128731.


George Christelis
Scapa Technologies
+44 131 550 1741

Dave Smith wrote:

I would like to nominate Mark Weitzel from IBM as the Lead Committer for a new component Monitor.UI.ManagedResourcesExplorer. I would also like to nominate Balan Subramanian from IBM as an additional committer under this component. Mark and Balan will be implementing an explorer for viewing, modifying and submitting operations on managed resources via WSDM or JMX interfaces (feature request _https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=129450_ <https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=128731>). Since this is a new compoment (yet to be approved by PMC), the other lead committers of the Monitoring Project are required to vote on these two committer nominations. Would the following lead committers please vote by 10am EST Wed. March 1 such that I can present these nominations to the PMC for approval. Please vote by posting to the mailing list.

George Christelis
Eugene Chan
Sheldon Lee-Loy
Ruth Lee
Dave Smith  (I approve Mark and Balan as committers)


Dave N. Smith
Data Collection Tooling                          IBM Toronto Laboratory


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