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Re: [tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Export monitoring result in real time

Hi Marouane,

The org.eclipse.hyades.resources.database is a generic RDB persistence layer for EMF resources (with support for Cloudscape/Apache Derby and DB2) which currently it is used for large logs in TPTP. That framework also provides query and paging list capabilities (which will be extended in TPTP 4.2).

We had in plan for a while the capability to save/load the test execution results using this RDB EMF backed resource, although is not done yet. Would be good to have the capability to save/load the statistical model also through that mechanism.

The main problem is that without the corresponding UI support (like UI paging and filtering) this RDB EMF backed resource would be really hard to use and in that case it would not avoid the OutOfMemoryError problem with large model instances.

Please let me know if you need more information about this framework.



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02/20/2006 08:48 AM

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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Export monitoring result in real time

Hi all
I saw in a presentation, made by Michael G Norman, that some additional
new features of the TPTP project  is to allow the export, in real time, of
monitoring's results, collected by differents agents.
Can we have further nformations about  this  improvement?
I use TPTP 4.1 and my interest is to have those result in a a Mysql
database . What about the plugin    org.eclipse.hyades.resources.database.
Should be be necessary to modify this Plugin to have this feature or
is'it only used for log analysis when the “large log support “ is enabled

Thanks for help

 Marouane HIMDI

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