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Re: [tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] TPTP Verification Hooks

Hi Patrick,

There are many verification hook classes that you can use as samples under TPTP's CVS:

Host:  dev.eclipse.org
Connection type: pserver
User: anonymous (leave password blank)
Path:  /cvsroot/tptp

Look under HEAD/test-results/platform/org.eclipse.hyades.use.cases
The test suites are stored under:  gui\Profiling_and_Logging and their corresponding verification hook classes are stored under src\org.eclipse.hyades.use.cases.auto.profiling.logging.

The test case "EnsureNoErrorsWhenDefaultIsCompiled" under the test suite "Platform.UI.ProbeEditor" actually has a verification hook that uses the problems view as a target.  The hook's name/method is under src/org.eclipse.hyades.use.cases.auto.profiling.logging.PlatformUIProbeEditor.verifyNoCompileErrors(IViewPart).

Another plug-in that contains automated gui test suites under TPTP's cvs is HEAD\test-results\monitor\org.eclipse.tptp.monitoring.tests
Let me know if you need any more help.

On 2/16/06, Patrick Gallagher <psg9999@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi.  I am looking into using the Automated GUI Recorder for a
educational project and I haven't been able to find any good examples on
how to implement verification hooks.  What I need to do is insert a hook
that verifies that a certain problem marker was generated.  I was
thinking that this was possible by using the problems view as my
verification point.  The only documentation I can find about
verification hooks is on the TPTP user guide, but find the explanation
insufficient.  If anyone would point me in a direction of where to find
more examples or a better explanation of how to write verification
hooks, it would be appreciated.  Thank you.


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