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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] Monitoring Tools Project Status - Feb. 14, 2006

Monitoring Tools Project Status Meeting Minutes - Feb. 14, 2006

Present:  Dave Smith, Eugene Chan, Sheldon Lee-Loy, Alex Nan, George Christelis, Ruth Lee

4.2 i1 Features
125885 - George has completed and will close bugzilla
124700 - Alex did not complete the work scheduled for i1 but believes it can be completed in i2 with remainder of 64800 work - functionality is disabled so it won't affect the testpass and there is no dependencies - still some outstanding design issues - migration - do we keep old editor for read only view of old db's - also validation framework - interface was not ready
125880, 125882 - GLA ICU4J support features could not be completed in i1 - design and sizing still to be completed in order assess whether it can be contained in i2

PMC approved addition of 96433 and 126253 to official 4.2 plan - targetted to i2

4.2 i1 Defects
       - 127614 - opened yesterday during test pass - looks like it is related to change in underlying editor support in Eclipse 3.2 m5 - more investigation required

       - 126792 - critical - log import not working on new iSeries version - may be a RAC communication issue - still debugging
       - 114142 - automated GUI tests for log import were created in Dec. based on 4.1 but UI changed in 4.2 and test cases need to be fixed - probably not containable in i1

4.2 i1 Test pass
All teams have started testing
   - Intel AC is broken in yesterday's driver - use RAC instead
   - eclipse 3.2 m5 caused some breakage in the UI

- Dave will check the lists and open bugzilla's

Dave N. Smith
Data Collection Tooling                          
IBM Toronto Laboratory