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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] MySQL agent is not monitored


I'm evaluating TPTP monitoring and I run into some issue when monitoring MySQL (Linux monitoring is working fine). it seems related to
bug #93969.

When I start profiling MySQl, in the UI, it states that MySQL is monitored but I don't have any info and after some time the agent is

After some debugging, I found what seems to be the problem.

1 the MySQLAgent is started and tries to create a new CoreAgent.
2 the CoreAgent is started and attached to the AgentController.
3 when I start profiling from the GUI, the CoreAgent is informed that
  monitoring is activated.
4 the CoreAgent then waits to get a non null "HOST" property to
 finish to be constructed and starts monitoring.

However, the "HOST" property is never set, a timeout occurs and the
agent terminates.

The properties of the CoreAgent are set when receiving a CustomCommand
in handleCommand(CustomCommand command).
But the only commands MySQLAgent received where "APPLYFILTERS" and

So what I don't understand is:
- when is sent the "HOST" property (I'm still looking for it)?
- the handleCommand() in CoreAgent expects to get a command data made of
  a type, name, value. if it hasn't the 3, it returns. So the two
  commands are I received ("APPLYFILTERS", "RESUME") are not taken into
  account because they don't have a name and value. Is that normal?
  (seems to me that the code was made for SetNVPairCommands)

for info, I'm using:
- MySQL 4.1.7 on RHEL 4
- tptpdc.linux_ia32-TPTP-4.0.0-200507060100

Do you have any ideas about this problem?