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[tptp-monitoring-tools-dev] RE: [tptp-testing-tools-dev] New mailing list proposal and 3.1M6 pluginmanifests...

Scott – thanks for the feedback on the mailing lists.  We’ll quickly ponder possible alternatives and address.  --tyler


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Subject: [tptp-testing-tools-dev] New mailing list proposal and 3.1M6 pluginmanifests...


Mailing List Proposal

I'd like to propose another mailing list for TPTP general developer discussions for coordination amongst development teams.  Maybe it is an architecture mailing list that closely fits with the weekly architecture meetings or maybe its just a general developer discussion list that contributors and committers can use to facilitate collaboration of ideas and general development announcements.  It could be that this general list is no more than an alias for a composite list of the more specific development lists (tptp-platform-dev, tptp-tracing-profiling-tools-dev, tptp-testing-tools-dev and tptp-monitoring-tools-dev, although then multiple messages would be sent for those having multiple list subscriptions).  The reason I bring this up is because I wanted to send a general message to all of development and wasn't sure if the 'tptp-pmc' mailing list was the appropriate forum.

Plug-In Manifest Question

Is anyone planning on migrating their TPTP plugins over to contain MANIFST.MF files (for example, bringing up the plugin.xml editors and clicking on the overview's "create an OSGi bundle manifest" hyperlink) in the 4.0 release timeframe? (it seems like a simple exercise in theory but was wondering if anyone has given more thought to this).

Current TPTP lists

TPTP PMC communications
TPTP Platform Project developer discussions
TPTP Tracing and Profiling Tools Project developer discussions
TPTP Testing Tools Project developer discussions
TPTP Monitoring Tools Project developer discussions

Comments welcome, thanks!