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Re: [tools-leads] Welcome Tools Project Leads ... and work to do for Helios Release

I never did introduce myself ... I'm on Tools PMC, I lead Orbit Project, WTP PMC, and chair the Planning Council.

Anthony is the Tools PMC representative to the Planning Council, but ... I thought I could combine my introduction with a reminder to fill in the Helios Tracking information at the Foundation's Portal.

From a quick peek it appears the tools project's below all plan to release with Helios, right? And about half of those have started the tracking forms, and half not.



not started:


Do you in "ptp" actually have two projects to release?
And track separately?
If possible, it'd be best to "track with parent" so there's only one form to fill out.

I bring all this up now, for 2 reasons:

1. We are here to help, and we are getting near the end of Helios: the end of M7 is 2 to 4 weeks away. While many/any question can be asked on "cross-project" list, if you think it is a "Tools Project Lead" type question, feel free to ask here.

2. We will soon (maybe by end-of-week?) have the ability to view a "summary page" of all the tracking data for all the projects releasing in Helios, and I'd like nothing better than the "tools" section to show up nice and green! Or, at least "has started". :)  And some of the fields are very easy to fill in.

So, be sure to ask if you have questions, and/or say early if there are any problems or issues or anything we can do to help.