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[tools-dev] Tool Demonstrations at ASE '04

Dear Colleague!

Known as a person who is heavily involved in software tools developement, I would like to personally invite you to contribute to the

Formal Tool Demonstrations

session of this year                                                     

IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering conference http://www.ase-conference.org/

which will be held in Linz, Austria. The formal Tool Demonstration is intended to be a forum to present interesting tool developments with a novel approach. Tools can range from alpha-versions to fully developed products that are being prepared for commercialisation. Commercial products and products that are currently being commercialised cannot be accepted. See


for more details.

With best regards
Herbert Praehofer


Dr. Herbert Praehofer

Systems Science Institute

Johannes Kepler University

Altenbergerstrasse 69

A-4040 Linz / Austria

Tel.: ++43 (732) 2468 8894

Fax.: ++43 (732) 2468 8893

EMail: hp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

http: www.cast.uni-linz.ac.at