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[tigerstripe-users] Re: [tip-all] Tigerstripe 0.3 is out!

Title: Re: [tip-all] Tigerstripe 0.3 is out!
Hi Bernd,

[please note that I’m cc-ing the tigerstripe-users list to make sure we maximize responses]

I am not sure what IBM RSM 7.0.5 includes compared to the latest version of Europa that we tested with. For example, we do rely on some aspects of the JDT that I believe is not in RSM but standard in Eclipse.

Now, I don’t have access to RSM but I would expect you can install it as a plugin in an Eclipse install? That might do the trick, but be aware that we have tested Tigerstripe against specific versions of EMF, GMF, GEF (complete list is available at http://download.eclipse.org/technology/tigerstripe/plugin-dependencies-v200806301337_incubation.txt ).
For example, we’ve tested against GMF 2.0.1. The version you’re listing below is much older. I may work... But then again it may not.

Our typical install is done on top of the latest version of Europa (RCP/Plugin Developers version) that you can download from http://www.eclipse.org/europa/ )

I’d be interested to know if anybody else has tried co-locating it with RSM.


On 7/8/08 6:30 AM, "Zeuner, Bernd" <Bernd.Zeuner@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hallo Eric,

I have problems understanding your statement: "unzip that on top of the eclipse install."
As one of the mTOP model editor, I have installed IBM RSM Version 7.0.5 which includes already:
- Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework Developer Resources Version: 3.3.1.v20070814
- Eclipse Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF) Developer Resources Version: 1.0.100.v20070921.

How can I add the Tigerstripe Plugin to RSM? Or is this not possible at all and I have to install an additional Eclipse application?

Thank you for your help.

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From: Eric Dillon [mailto:erdillon@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, July 01, 2008 10:46 PM
To: Tigerstripe Users; tigerstripe-announce@xxxxxxxxxxx; Tigerstripe Developers
Subject: [tip-all] Tigerstripe 0.3 is out!

Hi all,

After many months of effort and much code refactoring to open source the code, the first official release of Tigerstripe as an open-source Eclipse project is available.
Please visit http://www.eclipse.org/tigerstripe/downloads to download it.

To get started
Follow these steps:

If you had been using a Milestone build or the RC you should be able to simply run an update against our update manager (
http://download.eclipse.org/technology/tigerstripe/updates/site.xml )

New and noteworthy
This release brings a number of bug fixes but also some new features. Some of the highlights below:

More information can be found at http://wiki.eclipse.org/Tigerstripe_0.3_stream
A complete list of addressed bugs and enhancements is provided from the download section (release notes).

Compatibility with last Commercial Release
From a modeling perspective, this release is compatible with the previous last commercial release of Tigerstripe: any model you had developed will load into this version, although some of the project descriptors will automatically be upgraded to the latest org.eclipse.tigerstripe.* namespace.
>From a generation perspective, unfortunately, since the whole code base was ported to org.eclipse.tigerstripe.* while the old code base was using com.tigerstripesoftware.*, you will need to update your generation code. Don’t hesitate to contact us through our mailing list should you need some assistance.

We have transferred the content of the old www.tigerstripedev.net website into our new Wiki (http://wiki.eclipse.org/Tigerstripe ). You will find tutorials, tips-n-tricks, FAQs and a number of other resources. We will keep building the content.

Bug Report
Should you encounter bugs in this release, please use this link to log a bug into Bugzilla: https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/enter_bug.cgi?product=Tigerstripe

The Tigerstripe Team
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