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RE: [tigerstripe-users] Tigerstripe 2.2.1: [TSGenerate] ERROR [main] (TigerstripeTask.java:85) - A JDK is required to run headless

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your answers. After a few tries I was able to update to 0.3,
so that's resolved now.

Issue (2) looks still the same also with this version, so my guess is
that the plugin was not completely migrated from the commercial version
to the open source one. I found that the generated XSDs look completely
different anyway, not only the filename and namespaces, but it's also
lacking references to imported XSD's. The WSDL isn't even generated at
all even though I have configured the plugin to do so.
I believe it will take too long for me to fix all of this in the plugin,
thus I will install 2.2.1 again and use the old, previously used stuff.


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>From: Eric Dillon [mailto:erdillon@xxxxxxxxx]
>Sent: Mittwoch, 2. Juli 2008 17:11
>To: Tigerstripe Users list; Schlegel Roman
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>Subject: Re: [tigerstripe-users] Tigerstripe 2.2.1: [TSGenerate] ERROR
>[main] (TigerstripeTask.java:85) - A JDK is required to run headless
>Hi Roman,
>First of all, we obviously don't support the commercial version
>you'll have to use the Open-source version.
>As far as the update goes, I've heard multiple users able to complete
>update successfully, and one other case of problem. I suspect a faulty
>mirror somewhere. Could you make sure you don't let Eclipse pick the
>automatically, and try to target the Eclipse site directly?
>So, hopefully this will put you in the situation of (2) below. Let me
>I don't know what the state of these plugins is. Not even sure they
>been used. Is there anybody else from OSSJ that tried them?
>On 7/2/08 4:46 AM, "Schlegel Roman" <roman.schlegel@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi All
>> I have a project which was using the commercial version 2.2.1 of
>> Tigerstripe and I'd like to reproduce the Maven result. When trying
>> generate with Maven I am facing several issues:
>> (1). Tried to use the only commercial Version I have left on my
>> (2.2.4) -> Maven produces the following error:
>> [TSGenerate] ERROR [main] (TigerstripeTask.java:85) - A JDK is
>> to run headless. You are running a JRE, please install a JDK.
>> With this in the pom:
>> <version>1.0</version>
>> <packaging>tigerstripe-application</packaging>
>>     <build>
>>         <sourceDirectory>target/tigerstripe.gen</sourceDirectory>
>>         <plugins>
>>             <plugin>
>>                 <groupId>org.tt.x790</groupId>
>>                 <artifactId>maven-tigerstripe-plugin</artifactId>
>>                 <extensions>true</extensions>
>>             </plugin>
>>             <plugin>
>>                 <groupId>org.apache.maven.plugins</groupId>
>>                 <artifactId>maven-compiler-plugin</artifactId>
>>             </plugin>
>>         </plugins>
>>     </build>
>> (2). Next try was using the open source Version 0.3M2 with the
>> instructions provided at
>> _a_Generation_from_a_Maven2_Build
>> This seems to work quite well after configuring (from scratch) the
>> OSSJ XML plugin
>> (https://jsr144-private.dev.java.net/source/browse/jsr144-
>> tigerstripe3.3/xml_specification_plugin).
>> But: the xsd filename and namespace equals the Project ID even though
>> used ${name} or ${project.Name} -> Not sure if this is a problem of
>> XML plugin or of Tigerstripe.
>> (3). Tried to update to 0.3_incubation release using the update
>> -> Error Message: "An exception occurred while downloading feature
>> .eclipse.tigerstripe.base_0.3.0.v200806301337_incubation-
>> ISZR9-GYjB1I.jar"
>> Next thing is probably trying to download and install the workbench
>> manually. (But honestly, I suspect it won't resolve the above
>> Thanks for your hints.
>> Regards
>> Roman
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