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[technology-pmc] [CQ 6441] Subversion Version: 1.7.4


--- Comment #8 from Igor Vinnykov <igor.vinnykov@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  2012-04-24 13:06:12 ---
Subversion 1.7.4 requested in this CQ has same legal limitations as the
previous Subversion versions reviewed here by IP team. Subversion 1.7.4
includes the Neon library that is EPL-incompatible (identified by IP team
during the review of previous Subversion releases).

So for this CQ we request the "exempt pre-req" dependency type (the same type
as before for Subversive JavaHL connector that is a part of Subversion). This
dependency will be distributed from the external, non-Eclipse location (using
the same way as all previous versions of Subversive connectors).

Subversion team plans to replace Neon by the Sefr (EPL-compatible) library in
the upcoming Subversion 1.8 release, but we will definately submit another CQ

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