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[technology-pmc] Attention turning to ALF

Technology PMC:

Our review of project status has brought us to ALF [1]. Please take a few minutes to review some of the relatively-recent discussion between the PMC and ALF [2]. The short version is that some months ago, we expressed concern that while the ALF project does seem to be committing code, they have not been developing very much of a community or committer diversity for the past several months.

At first glance, the project info page [1] clearly needs some attention (a more concise description would be a good start). We need to spend a few minutes reviewing their community-facing content to see if there is anything that they can do to better help visitors become a part of the project. I'm also concerned that their project plan is out of date and that the structure gives it a feel of rigidity that may turn away potential contributors.

My main goal with ALF is to help them develop a plan for moving out of the Technology Project. As per the Technology project description, the lifecycle of a Technology project should be relatively short and so a plan needs to be developed to take ALF into the next stage of its existence.

As far as I can tell, ALF has not had a review since August 2006. I don't see any plans for an upcoming review. If this is indeed the case (I'll confirm this with EMO), then they need to (at least) plan for a continuation review.